Once upon a time there was natural cement …from 1796 to the present day.


This sentence alone sums up neatly the raison d’être of the Cement & Architecture website.In the past, natural cement used throughout Europe for mouldings, and ornamental and facade decoration, demonstrated aesthetic qualities and incredible durability.  Natural cement helped cement establish its reputation as a working material.Today, Prompt natural cement shows unparalleled qualities in the areas of heritage restoration and eco-construction, serving sustainable architecture.

Cement & Architecture is an area for communication and exchange, entirely dedicated to this unique material whose past is intimately entwined with the art of building, decorating and creating. Wherever you use natural cement, we will always be interested to hear about your experiences, because this site is your site too! 

The material’s history continues to be written – please help us write it! 


Discover the video of a spray-applied hempcrete technique


In this video, an individual house is realized with a spray-applied hempcrete technique directly on formworks


The new PROMPT UP brochure is now available.


Let’s discovering all new aspects of this innovative product without forgetting its historical domains.


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PromptUP quick-setting cement: Saint Merry’s church restored to its 19th-century glory

Saint Merry’s Church, in Paris, a short distance from the Pompidou Center, was built in the 15th century and renovated in the 19th. 


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Front insulation with hempcrete based on Prompt natural cement

On this site, the hemp concrete based on prompt natural cement is used in front insulation on exterior facade. The company conducted the masonry insulation with standard tools (mixer, blender and formwork) performance was 6m²/h thickness: 15 cm.

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