Restoration and decoration


Finishing: whitewash, grout

Render coats on façades, mortar or decorative concrete 

Areas of use: 
Old buildings, decoration

Advantages of using Prompt natural cement: 
Light ochre colour, finesse; Prompt natural cement used as a finishing coat produces a matt light ochre appearance similar to that of some natural stones or mouldings in the 19th and 20th centuries. The three techniques discussed are based on the known uses of Prompt natural cement since the 19th century.

1. Whitewash
A Prompt natural cement whitewash produces a uniform finishing colour. Dosing can be varied greatly from between 2 and 5 volumes of water to 1 volume of Prompt natural cement. Dosing affects the final colour depends, and tests should be performed beforehand.
In this application, the time of the onset of setting of Prompt natural cement is no longer important. Here, we are not looking for speed but for colour. In the medium term, slow setting minerals of Prompt natural cement ensure bonding and hardening, as with NHL.

Application: painting tools (a brush or silk wallpaper brush).
Advice: Mix the whitewash after the Prompt natural cement has begun setting so as to avoid deposit and setting in the water.

2. Grout
A Prompt natural cement grout allows the surface of a moulding or decoration to be smoothed. It is only used in a very thin layer, of around 1 millimetre.
Suggested dose: 2 volumes Prompt natural cement for 1 volume of water (this paste must hold to the tool).

Application: using a mason’s tool or nylon brush. It is possible to use Tempo to delay the setting time.

3. Scraped finish Scraping with the tool as soon as the setting process of the mortar has finished (in this case, for example, decorative mortars on new masonry) produces a light ochre coloured surface, giving the appearance of imitation stone. Varying the dosage of mortar and the quality of sand will produce shades of colour, as with natural stone.

The colour obtained will depend on the surface treatment, the microclimate and any curing that is performed. The final colour settles after several months with no treatment.



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