Restoration and decoration


Permeant slabs

Slabs on earth platform, particularly in cases where permeance is to be maintained (e.g., wine cellars, old buildings).

Areas of use: 
It is not easy to construct slabs with ordinary materials that allow the humidity present in structures to evaporate. Artificial cement offers satisfactory mechanical strength, but creates a watertight barrier. Natural hydraulic lime, which gives a satisfactory hygrometric transfer, does not provide sufficient mechanical strength for most uses. Concretes that combine natural cement and natural lime better meet these two conditions.
Furthermore, Prompt natural cement limits the shrinkage of natural hydraulic lime and reduces the waiting time for polishing in the case of a terrazzo.

Dosage information

  NHL lime 2 or 3.5 PNC Concrete granulates < 15 mm (sand-gravel mix) Tempo
Lime concrete (NHL)/ PNC 1 bag of 35 kg 1/2 bag of 25 kg
 (= 12.5 kg)
15 buckets 1/2 bottle

Order of mixing so as to optimise the quality of the concrete for use:

  • 2 buckets of water
  • 7 buckets of granulate + 1/2 dose of Tempo
  • 1 bag of lime (35 kg)
  • adjustment with water (around 1/2 bucket)
  • 1/2 bag of Prompt natural cement
  • 1/2 bag of granulate
  • 8 buckets of granulate
  • adjustment with water (around 1/2 bucket)

Between 2 and 5 minutes’ mixing once everything is in
Workable: for around 45 minutes.