Restoration and decoration


Repairing concrete

Repairing windowsills, seals, steps, balcony spallings, raft foundations for drains, water roll-offs, floor concrete, curbstones… Works exposed to the sea or sea air (port floors, jetties, repairs to holds, dikes…). Work at heights, emergency work in dangerous surroundings.

Area of use:
Sanitation, old buildings, public buildings, landscaping, private houses, marine environments, roads, public works.

Benefits of using Prompt natural cement:
Because it is quick setting, and gives good bonding and durability, Prompt natural cement used either in a mortar or in concrete saves time at worksites and in many cases offers the perfect solution for ordinary repair work inside or out.

Doses and preparation:
Prompt natural cement mortar or Prompt natural cement concrete. Preparation and industry standards are identical to those for cements for limes, taking into account the speed of setting.

If the element to be repaired flexes (the edge of a step, for example), it will be necessary to seal studs into the solid part of the concrete in advance. Depending on the quantities to be prepared, use the Tempo retarding agent to delay setting. For certain applications needing heightened bonding (eg: repairs to the undersides of balconies), use fine sands (0/2) and Prompt natural cement mortar (2:1 volume dosage).



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