Restoration and decoration


Stone repairs

Prompt natural cement can be used to reconstitute damaged natural stone, either in a Prompt natural cement mortar or in a mix with lime, depending on the hardness of the stone. The repair mortar must have mechanical strength and permeance that is comparable to the stone itself, as well as good chemical compatibility. In this sense, varying the doses and choice of granulates will allow the mortar to be adapted to each situation. Restoring window and door frames, gates, porches, arches, the ordinary sections of walls, dikes and canals… These mortars can be mixed onsite or formulated industrially, as is the case with the product made by Amonit.

Areas of application:
Old buildings, decoration, sea exposure.

The advantage of using Prompt natural cement:
a light ochre colour, bonding, resistance to sea water.

Dosing (in volumes):

  PNC Natural hydraulic
limes (NHL)
Non-hydraulic limes
 (CL or DL)
Hard stone        
PNC mortar 10 (+ Tempo)     10
Lime-PNC mortar 7 to 5 3 to 5   10
  PNC Natural hydraulic
limes (NHL)
Non-hydraulic limes
 (CL or DL)
Soft stones        
PNC mortar 3 to 4 (+ Tempo)     10
Lime-PNC mortar 5 to 3 5 to 7   10
Lime-PNC Mortar 3   7 10

These doses are indications only. Depending on the physical qualities sought, other choices may be made. In any event, tests should be performed beforehand.

If substantial thickness is needed, a resurfacing fixing structure must be used. This will comprise stainless steel, brass or fibreglass dowel assembly, and a light frame using the same materials. 
If the surface has a high salt content, contact us. 

"Repairing the statues at the Louvre using Mezaro"
Photo credit: AMONIT


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