Water & sanitation


Stopping leaks in water courses

The qualities of speed, waterproofing and strength to aggressive environments make Prompt natural cement effective in areas where water is present. It is particularly recommended for stopping leaks in water courses, blocking cracks and mounting watertight partitions, thanks to its quick setting and high strength.

The benefits of using Prompt natural cement:
The speed and quality of Prompt natural cement’s setting means that all works exposed to the sea can be completed, even in emergency situations. Its resistance to aggressive waters and the marine environment make it the material of choice for such works.

Dosing and preparation:
For this application, Prompt natural cement is used exceptionally as a neat cement, i.e., 3 volumes of cement for 1 volume of water. The time for the onset of setting in neat cement form is less than 2 minutes at 20°C. Add water to the Prompt natural cement in the proportions indicated above. Then mix vigorously to obtain a firm paste. This must be used rapidly. Only small volumes should be made at one time, to allow time for application. Once the emergency consolidation work has been done using the neat cement, a Prompt natural cement mortar or concrete should be mixed to definitively bind the structure.

Before filling a crack, ensure that it is a dead crack (ie: it is not evolving); open it and clear it to ensure a good bonding of the neat cement.