Water & sanitation


Water feature waterproofing

Prompt natural cement (at high doses) is a suitable binder for works in water because of its very low permeability-to-water coefficient. Furthermore, its light ochre colour and quick setting meets waterproofing requirements for tanks, reservoirs, agricultural silos, canals, underground, cellars, weirs as well as for repointing stonework (drains, dikes, reservoirs, etc.)
Waterproofing, along with bonding and high resistance to aggressive waters up to pH4, requires a high Prompt natural cement dose.

Doses (in volume):

  CNP Sand Water
Waterproofing mortar 2 1 0.6 to 0.9

For waterproofing works, use a 0/2 sand instead of a 0/4 sand.
Application in 2 passes.