The 1st Professional Meeting on Hemp Solutions

On June 16th and 17th, 2011, Vicat organised the first professional meetings on “Hemp Solutions” in Cluny (71), France, on the Cluny Training Site.

Eighteen months after the official launch of its range of hemp mortars and concretes for construction, Vicat’s objective was to bring together companies and partners who were present at the outset to discuss best practices and continue to work as closely as possible to satisfy the needs of users.

The 20 participants at these seminars very quickly grasped the nettle. Although the companies came from different regions they had the same passion for these new environmentally-friendly solutions and were able to compare their know-how in all areas (floors, wall framing systems, insulating render, etc.). They are more at home with action than sophisticated debate, and it was around the different workshops – organised by Vicat advisors, with the help of Michel Fleury and Philippe Griot, craft trainers and founders of Cluny Training – that the exchanges were at their the most “constructive”.

The participants unanimously liked the quality of debate and the events that were organised. They said that they would be interested in future meetings, noting, however, that the winter period was not the best for travel. The message was received loud and clear.