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Operations in drains

Prompt natural cement is suitable for many types of works, such as mortar or concrete repairs in drains, rainwater networks, gutters, run-offs, manhole bases, canals, cofferdams, resurfacing under a waterproofing membrane, etc.

Benefits of using Prompt natural cement: 
Prompt natural cement brings speed of execution and excellent bonding, which allows for effective operations and good waterproofing. It resists aggressive waters, up to pH=4, and sea water. Although there are many specialised formulated products, these results come from a single product, because Prompt natural cement can be used as a neat cement to block leaks in waterways, a mortar for an waterproofing render and concrete if a large quantity is required.


  • Rapid return to use,
  • Resistance to pure acid and sulphated waters,
  • Resistance to sea water (NF P 15-317),
  • Acid waters up to pH = 4,
  • Very good bonding on all surfaces,
  • Money-saving solution,
  • Excellent durability.

Doses and preparation: 
The qualities required for waterproofing and resistance to aggressive waters or sea water mean that Prompt natural cement should be used (in particular mortar) at a high dose.

In Prompt natural cement mortar:

  CNP Tempo Sand Water
Strong mix (in volume) 2 litres 2 capfuls 1 litre 0.6 to 1 litre

In Prompt natural cement concrete:

  CNP Tempo Sand + Gravel Water
Ordinary dose 1 bag of 25 kg 1 to 2 bottles 50 litres 8 to 12 litres
High dose 1 bag of 25 kg 1 to 2 bottles 30 litres 7 to 10 litres

The setting time can be adjusted using the retardant additive Tempo.


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