Restoration and decoration


Wet sculpture

Prompt natural cement, either as a mortar (with the Tempo additive) or mixed with lime, is used for wet sculpted decorations:

  • restoring mouldings, décor and façade decorations,
  • original sculptures for urban furniture,
  • decorative elements for galleries or outside gardens.

Areas of use: 
Old buildings, decoration, landscaping.

Advantages of using Prompt natural cement: 
Quick setting, stone colour, finesse, mix with lime, good weather resistance.
The practice of wet sculpture using mortar can be associated with those decorations of the 19th century done with natural cement. It is undoubtedly the existence of this binder which was led to the creation of this technique: a roughly applied mortar (working model) can then be easily reworked using soft material sculptural techniques. Over time, the slow hardening of natural cement mortars will add hardness and satisfactory strength to the work.

Volume work will require the prior installation of frames made of stainless steel, brass or fibreglass. These structures must be handled with great care. If a uniform colour and smooth appearance is required a whitewash or grout coat may be applied as a finishing coat.



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