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Prompt natural cement concrete staircase, Venon (38), France

Venon Chateau, above Grenoble, is a former lord’s dwelling. Its interior rooms were modified to open them up to the public (weddings, etc.) but without altering the spirit of the place.

Creation of a floor and inside staircase in bare exposed concrete, whose natural appearance and colours reflect the simplicity of this former farm. The colour of the clay floors to match the existing stone work.

Procedure for creating the décor: 
130m2 of slab in Prompt natural cement mortar, 6 cm thick on a conventional concrete base. Compaction using a “power float” and sheening with mono-brush. Wetting (washing) of the floor the following day and several times over to obtain a darker colour. Cutting of contraction joints to create a 1x1 checkerboard format.

PNC reinforced concrete staircase: 
Form work and installation of reinforcement, then pouring of the threshold to support the weight of the staircase. The latter is detached from the wall to give the appearance of lightness. Staircase concrete poured step-by-step, but continuously. Quick removal of form work and wetting of concrete for a darker  shade. Stays kept in place for one month.

1/1 volume dosing + Tempo retarding agent. Open time: ½ hr. Mixing in 2 concrete mixers (for continuous supply of mortar). Filling over of the whole width.

A rich mix (cf. our technical data sheets) for rapid initial increase in strength (for safety). Open time: 1/2 hour. Use of 2 concrete mixers continuously. Volume mixed according to the amount required for one step. Step by step flowing of the steps, starting at the bottom.

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Château de Venon (38).

Photo credit: Cédric Avenier


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