Restoration and decoration


Repointing stones


Prompt natural cement can be used in a mortar, in a mix with lime, to point stones. This also applies near the sea for protection or supporting walls.

Areas of use: 

Old buildings, decoration, landscaping, sanitation, sea environments, etc.

Benefits of using Prompt natural cement: 

The light ochre colour and permeance qualities make Prompt natural cement a good choice for this use (mixed with lime), in particular in cold and/or wet weather, and where there is a risk of bad weather. With Prompt natural cement, even when – as if often the case – thick applications of product are necessary for large repointing surfaces, cracking does not occur with shrinkage.

Doses and preparation: 

The most suitable natural lime–Prompt natural cement mortars are those with the two lowest dosing levels: lean mix mortar and medium mix mortar. Comply with the rules defined in DTU 20-1 Manual for use or use a projection.

    NHL lime PNC Sand  
Open time at 20°C
Lean mix mortar
 Overall dose 280 kg/m3 
in vol. 4 1 15 25 mn
in weight 320 kg 100 kg   25 mn
Medium mix mortar
 Overall dose 340 kg/m3 
in vol. 3 1 10 20 mn
in weight 240 kg 100 kg   20 mn
Fat mix mortar
 Overall dose 360 kg/m3 
in vol. 2 2 10 15 mn
in weight 160 kg 200 kg   15 mn

NB (Prompt natural cement only mortars):

In certain cases, for the purposes of speed or colour, or for minor works, Prompt natural cement-only mortar (with delayed setting using Tempo) can be used. Use a moderate or low dose so as to maintain porosity, which allows gas transfer.

Doses for information (in volumes):

  PNC Sand
Hard stone/moderate dose 1 2
Soft stone/low dose 1 3



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