Quick masonry


Fixing, sealing and needling

Prompt natural cement as a hydraulic binder complements standard binders (limes and cements), thanks to its quick setting and hardening properties, which allow structures to be rapidly returned to use. One traditional use is sealing. In this area, it is a real “force of nature”, since in 15 minutes, you can obtain 4 Mpa with a 2:1 mix. This strength value allows the seal to be used immediately, even in the case of intensive use. Needling is different, in the sense that we are not looking for major strength, but only levelling. Thus, Prompt natural cement can be used in a neat cement form. In other cases, it will perform well in a Prompt natural cement mortar (and, where necessary, Prompt natural cement concrete for large sealing operations).


  • Quick setting and hardening,
  • Immediate needling,
  • Thick application in one pass,
  • Adjustable open time with Tempo,
  • Quick return to service,
  • Rapid removal of work forms,
  • Accelerates lime,
  • Limits seepage in wet joints,
  • Ensures needling and pointing in one pass,
  • Can be used in cold weather.

Dose (in volume):

  PNC Sand Water
Ordinary mortar 1 1 0.3 to 0.5
Mortar subject to substantial stresses 2 1 0.6 to 0.9

Its rapid setting and high initial strength and good bonding on all surfaces, in particular in contact with sea water, means it can be adapted to many areas of use, as long as the industry rules defined in standard DTU 20-1 are respected.

For façades, recess the seal by 0.5 to 1 cm in relation to the masonry so as to avoid sub-render spectrum. Setting time may be adjusted using the retardant additive Tempo.



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