Prompt natural cement

Where can it be found?

Today, only the Vicat group produces Prompt natural cement industrially. A constant search is going on for partners to help develop Prompt natural cement based products in France and Europe.

Preserved know-how:
Through its different research programmes, some of which have been conducted in partnership with the Cercle des Partenaires du Patrimoine (Research Laboratory of the Historic Monuments Agency), Vicat has been able to preserve this know-how by making repair or decoration mortars based on natural cement, or Roman cement, thereby allowing the restoration and conservation of heritage elements from the 19th century and before.

Thanks to the following two features, Prompt natural cement is a complementary hydraulic binder to commonly-used binders (limes and cements):

Bags of 5 and 25 kilos in cardboard or on a palette

Box containing 20 bottles of TEMPO.

Specially designed to control setting time of prompt cement, TEMPO enables to respect the rhythm of work of the professional.

  Sac de ciment naturel prompt Vicat (éco construction, restauration, maçonnerie rapide, eau et assainissement)