Eco construction


Insulation using hemp mortar or concrete

Prompt natural cement is the ideal binder for biosourced granulates and lime mixes, and meets eco-construction standards.
Combined with hemp, this mixture of a fibrous vegetable component in a mortar (or concrete) delivers heat and sound insulation qualities, lightness and overall comfort. Combined with a weight-bearing structure (stone or wood), hemp concretes form a monolithic construction system that requires very few joints and has excellent properties for new buildings and renovations. It is used for ground and floor insulation, wall and partition insulation, and under-roof insulation. It also allows light screens to be laid above ground level, as well as insulating renders.

Hemp concrete is a 100% natural solution with a high CO storage coefficient and is fully recyclable. Thermal conductivity is very low – between 0.05 and 0.09 W.m-1K-1. 
The main characteristics of hemp concrete in this application are:

  • compatibility with limes, to which they bring reactivity and hydraulicity (for non-hydraulic limes);
  • permeability to water vapour when used with Building Hemp Granulate or limes;
  • quick setting and hardening, allowing structures to be secured very early on;
  • adjustable setting using Tempo, which allows time for mixing and using.

Mixing methods:

  • using a mixer: the order for introducing components is as follows:
    hemp granulate + ¾ of water + Tempo  +  Prompt natural cement + the remainder of the water;
  • using a concrete mixer: (minimum capacity 350 to 400 litres without an axis or central core if possible) ¾ of water + hemp granulate + Tempo  + Prompt natural cement + the remainder of the water.

Before use, refer to the instruction guide for hemp concrete and mortar. Tempo is crucial in the applications here, so as to respect the working rhythms of eco-construction.

Consult our Instruction Guide, available to download.