Prompt natural cement




Prompt natural cement (PNC) is a natural hydraulic binder, manufactured from a single raw material. It is produced simply by firing standard-composition, argillaceous limestone sourced from homogenous layers at between 500 and 1,200°C, followed by very fine grinding. It is a very quick-setting, very quick-hardening binder.

Only one PNC is manufactured industrially, and this is made by Vicat in the Grenoble region. It meets the French standard NF P 15-314 and in 2007 received European Technical Approval (ETA).

Fired lump of Prompt Natural Cement


Natural cement can be used for restoration purposes in old buildings and the renovation of historic monuments and stone works of art, as well as in decoration for new buildings, in rapid masonry, in water and sanitation and in eco-construction. It can be used in the form of mortar, for example to restore 19th and early 20th century facades that replicate the original design: prefabricated mouldings, dress moulding, imitation stone, render repair, rapid base coat for lime rendering and gravitational injection. Natural cement can also be used in a mix with air lime, hydraulic lime for façade coverings on old buildings, intermediate rendering, roughing-in and tuck-pointing, stone repairs, decorative rendering, stone roughcast and gravitational injection.


1. Rapid masonry

  • quick-setting
  • adjustable open time
  • high initial strength
  • quickly usable, even in cold weather

2. Water & Sanitation

  • quick-setting on contact with water
  • resistant to corrosive waters and marine environments
  • waterproof
  • excellent durability

3. Restoration & Decoration

  • light oches colour
  • maintains permeation
  • low modulus of elasticity
  • accelerates lime
  • preserves stone
  • highly durable

4. Eco-construction

  • 100% natural hydraulic binder, like lime
  • ideal with hemp and lime
  • rapid formwork removal (walls)
  • usable shortly afterwards (floors)
  • permeation of structures